We now administer the COVID-19 Vaccine to
eligible individuals. Appointments are  needed.
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We also administer Flu Shots.

Receiving a flu shot in Stratford Medical Pharmacy is a simple process. We provide flu immunizations without any appointment necessary. This service is available during normal business hours throughout the flu season. 


Receiving a flu shot helps reduce the likelihood of being infected with many strains and types of influenza. Each season, flu vaccines are adjusted to include immunization for the most common strains. Because your body has built up immunity to specific strains of the flu, you are also less prone to other illnesses, or if you do get ill, your body normally recovers much faster compared to another person, who did not receive any flu vaccination.

Who Should Receive Flu Shots?

While the Public Health Agency of Canada has specific recommendations for people with higher risks, everyone should receive an influenza shot every year. If you or someone you love suffers from any of these conditions or have a high-risk profession, you need regular annual flu immunizations:

Chronic Pulmonary or Cardiac Disorders, Healthcare Professionals,Residents of Long Term Care Facilities and Nursing Homes, Chronic Disease Conditions, People Travelling Internationally, Children and Adolescents Age 6 Months and Older, People Age 65 and Older, People Who Are Around People with a High Risk for Flu.

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