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Talk to our Certified Diabetes Educators.
  • Am I eating the right foods to feel full and maintain a steady blood sugar level?

  • When should I exercise to enhance weight loss?

  • Can snacking be healthy?


Talk to our Certified Diabetes Educators for answers to these questions and more.


Our Certified Diabetes Educators work closely with your family physician and endocrinologist to provide you with the knowledge, support and advice you need for managing your type 2 diabetes.  

Whether you are newly diagnosed, or have been living with diabetes for many years, we're here to guide you with comprehensive One-on-One consultations and regular coaching.

Are you concerned that you may be at risk for developing diabetes?  We'll help you assess your risk, and start you on your way to preventing diabetes and improving your overall health.  

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, or have other chronic conditions for which you are taking 3 medications regularly, this service is free of charge. Just bring your health card with you.  


To book your appointment, call us at 519-272-0888 or 519-271-5959.

Your consultations will cover:

  • the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes

  • the causes, symptoms, and complications

  • how the diagnosis is made

  • what the numbers mean (A1C, blood glucose...)                                                                                                                 

  • what blood glucose levels are needed to reduce symptoms and prevent complications

  • blood glucose meter training

  • why it's important to vary the testing times                                                                                                                        

  • which foods are filling, and stabilize blood glucose levels throughout the day

  • what I should eat & when I should eat to increase the weight loss benefits of aerobic exercise

  • what I should eat & when I should eat to increase the muscle & strength building benefits of resistance training

  • why sleep is necessary for weight loss

  • is snacking right for me, and what makes a healthy snack?

  • how my medications work, and how to take them to achieve the best results

  • how to inject insulin, when it starts working, how long it lasts

  • how to adjust the dose

  • how to recognize, avoid, and treat low blood glucose (hypoglycemia)

  • how to manage my insulin on sick days

  • how to adjust insulin for travelling to different time zones

  • the importance of regular foot care, eye care, and dental exams

  • ketones testing


As a Community Pharmacy Outreach Program (CPOP) member designated by the Canadian Diabetes Association, we are your link to upcoming events and programs for people with diabetes.

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